What we offer...

At House of Hope we offer residential care and Christ-centered biblically based Outpatient Counseling Services.

Families are the building block of our society.

When relationships become broken, our communities will suffer from unhealthy behaviors.House of Hope steps in to help facilitate the healing process.


  Residential Program

Since 2012 House of Hope has been offering a residential home. This service provides hope, healing and restoration to hurting teen girls and their families through the power of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. Helping people heal their hearts and guide them to restoration has always been our goal.

Our beautiful residential home houses up to 6 girls at a time and is staffed 24 hours. Residents will work through our 6 structured phases of healing and attend our on-site private Hope Academy.

We provide:

● 24-hour-day adult supervision in a loving
environment through six phases of healing

● Weekly individual and group counseling
sessions for the teens and their families

● Weekly counseling sessions for parents

● Weekly parenting classes

● Individualized educational program for each teen

● Life skills programs

● Intensive individual counseling

● Parental, family and group counseling

● Strong spiritual guidance designed to heal
broken family relationships which include
six phases of counseling. The teen and
their family have both separate and
combined counseling sessions.




Hope Academy

All of our residents are enrolled in our on-site school, Hope Academy. It is registered with the Pennsylvania Department of Education and utilizes the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum as a non public school.

The combination of a small group setting and an individualized educational plan provides students with the attention and academic encouragement needed to prepare them to be effective in their scholarly endeavors now and in the future.

● Each teen attends Hope Academy which is
staffed with experienced educators.

● Each teen is given a diagnostic test to
determine an appropriate placement level.
An individualized education plan (IEP) will
then be implemented if necessary.

● Use of the ACE (Accelerated Christian
Education) program; a biblically based
curriculum and one that allows teens to
learn at their own pace.

● Teens spend approximately 30 hours per
week engaged in educational activities.
Many teens who had fallen behind in
school are able to catch up on credits due
to our year-round program and are often
able to re-enter their former school at the
correct grade level after they’ve completed
our program.

● Eligible teens at House of Hope receive
high school diplomas at a formal commencement ceremony.


Young girl during session with her psychotherapist

Counseling Services

Open to anyone seeking help, our outpatient program is Christ-centered and provides biblical based counseling service. We offer individual, family and couples counseling which is integral to our mission of hope, healing, and restoration.

Our Outpatient Counselors are trained to discover the root of the issue and with the Holy Spirit’s direction, begin the journey of healing. They are experienced in providing therapy for individuals, families and marital counseling.

Our office is located in Jacobus, PA, just a few miles from I-83 Exit 14 Leader Heights exit.

● Open to anyone, concentrating on teen,
family, and marriage healing, an
restoration. Marriage and Family
counseling is often comprised of
individual counseling in conjunction with
counseling sessions together as
the marriage or family moves toward

● Concentrated on the following issues that
usually result in destructive patterns:
Forgiveness - Generational Influence -
Healing of past hurts - Conflict resolution
- Problem Solving.


Admission Criteria For Our Residential Program 

Our Residents ...
  are between the ages of 14 - 17
  not pregnant
  must have a minimum IQ of 85
  do not have current charges against them
–  have health insurance
–  wear approved attire
–  be able to return home during schedules
breaks and during weekend home phase

House of Hope is not a a detox or crisis facility. We do not accept girls that are drug or alcohol dependent or actively suicidal or homicidal.

Our Families...
live within 100 miles from our campus
are required to travel to our campus 2-3
times a week to attend counseling, classes
and visitations
– will attend weekly church services (we can
assist you with finding a good match for your
– are required to be committed in our phase
process (average stay is 12-18 months
– commit to pay *tuition.

*Tuition charges are based on a sliding scale that is calculated based on income. We do not turn anyone away who cannot afford to pay.

Our program is unique because of our focus on the family as a whole unit and not just the teen. Our goal is to provide healing and restoration to our families through the power of Christ's love,Christian counseling and education.

House of Hope does not receive any government support and operates solely relies on partnerships with generous individuals, churches, businesses and local organizations who share the passion to provide help to struggling teens and their families.

Reconnecting families is a critical component
of a postitive outcome.

We will work with you to decide what is best for your family.
Our Outpatient Services are available to girls (or anyone) not requiring residential care.

We are here when you are ready to start the conversation…717.235.3198