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Glen Rock, PA

Frequently Asked Questions

1. House of Hope only for girls?

At this time, our residential program is serving girls ages 12 -18, however our counseling services are open to anyone.

2. Is Hope Academy registered?

Our residents are enrolled in our private on-site school. Hope Academy is registered with the Pennsylvania Department of Education and utilizes the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum.

3. Is your program government funded?

We are not. We do apply for government grants for non-profits. House of Hope also relies on partnerships with generous individuals, churches, businesses and local organizations who share the passion to provide help to struggling teens an their families. 

4. Do you offer tuition assistance? Do you take insurance for your counseling services?

House of Hope, offers a Scholarship program through which caring individuals and corporations may sponsor a particular teen and help cover the cost of their care at House of Hope. We do not turn away families who need financial assistance.

We do not submit invoices to insurance companies. We do recommend looking at your policy. Payment will be required to pay in full and then submit the claim to your insurance company for reimbursement.