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Generosity is a state of the heart, not of one’s wallet.  We rest in the knowledge that God is the provider of all things. He is gracious and loves to bless his children.  Confident in His provision, we give liberally out of it. We are generous because God has been and continues to be generous with us.


Reports to: Director of counseling Service and Executive Director

Supervises: No direct supervisory responsibilities

Position Purpose:
To promote spiritual and emotional growth and healing through biblical Christian counseling in the context of accepted therapeutic techniques and biblical resources.

Requirements for Hire:
Upon completion of our interview process, you will need to complete the following:
• Employee Packet
• Must have a Valid PA Driver’s License which includes an acceptable driving record, HOHYP insurance company requires personal auto limit of liability coverage at a minimum of each person $100,000/Each accident $300,000 (Must provide personal auto insurance declaration page)
• Pass all background checks and clearances (FBI, PA, Child abuse)
• Upon hire most pass Drug screening test
• Mandated Reporter Certification
• CPR and First Aid Certification
• Flexible hours required.
• Bachelor’s degree in psychology, social work, or counseling
• Master’s degree preferred.
• Minimum of 3 years’ experience and training in counseling or social services field and Biblically based Christian counseling.
• Commitment to HOHYP Statement of Faith and Covenant Statement
Related Expertise:
Experience in counseling with preferred experience in the counseling of adolescents and family counseling. Experience in Christian counseling; or the application of Christian principles for the purpose of producing emotional healing and wholeness. Knowledge of trauma, substance abuse, physical and sexual abuse, self-harm, eating disorders, and other adolescent related disorders.
Personal Characteristics:
Represent the Lord by demonstrating Godly attributes and behavior. Enjoys spending time with and mentoring adolescents with the commitment to serve and protect them. Has the mature ability to make intelligent decisions during challenging situations. Is patient and exhibits excellent communications skills.

Skill Review:
• Patiently build trust relationships with teens and their families. Ability to empathize with them. Recognize unhealthy behaviors and thinking.
• Perform initial evaluations of client needs and develop customized treatment plans. Keeps detailed, precise, treatment notes and plans.
• Ability to consider internal and external resources when needed for client’s treatment.
• Willingness to collaborate with other agencies and individuals to ensure quality care.
• Follow through on any mandated reporting that is necessary.
• Achieve HOHYP counseling goals while considering the client’s mental ability and potential, provide appropriate resources to reach these goals.
• Relate and apply biblical truth and spiritual principles to life issues.
• Integrates and interweaves therapeutic work with adolescents and parents to ensure consistency of approach to relational and behavioral issues.
• Counsel each teen a minimum of twice weekly for at least l hour per session, parents/guardian a minimum of 1 hour weekly and before starting Home Phase visits will see teens and parents together a minimum of 8 times. After Home Phase begins will see them together weekly and taper down these sessions as progress continues.
• Teach a weekly group session with all teens, minimum of 1 hour when needed.
• Teach weekly parenting class minimum of 2 hours weekly when needed.
• Supervise parents to ensure procedures are followed as detailed in the Residents Manual and Parents Manual
• Demonstrate desire and initiative to engage in ongoing training.
• Ability to work cooperatively in and with a team and communicate clearly with other team and staff members.
• Teachable and submissive attitude.
• Adheres to confidentiality ethics.
• Recognizes and utilizes prayer and the ministry of prayer as a highly valued therapeutic tool.
• Demonstrates submission to the sovereignty and wisdom of God.
• Works closely with Executive Director, Teacher, Director of Residential programs, and House Parents to ensure consistency of resident’s care and approach techniques for mental health and spiritual well-being.
• Willingness to continue educating self and other staff on the latest practices.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Basic computer skills and knowledge

Please send your resume to:
Faye Hall -
Thank you for your interest!
No phone calls please.