Planned Giving

Life has a tendency to move rapidly at times, but there comes a time where we all reflect upon our own personal legacy. As you ponder the stewardship of the blessings entrusted to you, we are moved to encourage you to prayerfully consider including House of Hope in your estate planning. Scripture reminds us of the profound joy and blessings that come from cheerful giving (2 Corinthians 9:7), and what greater joy could there be than knowing that your legacy will continue to sow seeds of hope and transformation in the lives of those in need?

Your decision to include House of Hope in your estate planning is not merely a financial transaction, but a sacred offering, a testament to your faith, and a commitment to advancing God's Kingdom on earth. Of course, estate planning is something not to be done haphazardly. An effective plan can make the difference between your financial assets going to your loved family members, churches, and nonprofits, as opposed to in some cases, the government.

We encourage you to contact your family’s trusted attorney and discuss the options available to give to the House of Hope, including coordinating beneficiary designations on highly taxable retirement plan assets.

If you need a Kingdom-minded attorney to craft your estate plan, we recommend

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Faithward Advisors (formally Ambassadors Advisors) 717.868.6253

Thank you for prayerfully considering this opportunity to leave a legacy of faith, love, and compassion.